An Akris in 2Moons

An Akris in the outskirts of Loa Castle.

Dropping rate :

Braiken/Loa : Potions, few DIL and equipment with max lvl: 15

North ares/morte : Potions, DIL, starts to drop socket stones and equipment. Max lvl: 25

Deneb : Potions(hardly ever Large), more DIL, equipment. Max lvl: 35 (also Rings or Amulet)

The Caves of Norak and Castor : The same stuff as in Haihaff and Requies, except for the deeper regions (2nd floors), where they drop the same stuff as in Crespo. Max lvl: 70

Heihaff/Requies Beach : Large potions lot of DIL and equipment. Max lvl: 45

Crespo : A lot of rhombi and medials are dropped frequently. Also, potions. Max lvl: 70