Bagi warrior

Bagi Warrior with Destroyer armour

Bagi Warriors (common referred to as Bagi's) Are the natural tanks of Dekaron. On knights after the highest natural armor and the highest health it can take a lot to put down a strong Bagi Warrior. Their only weapon, the Gauntlet, gives them access to several abilities that knock their opponents back. At home in the heart of the battlefield the Bagi Warrior can make an invaluable ally, or a dangerous enemy.


The Bagi Warrior has access to only one weapon the Gauntlet. What they lack in raw power, the Bagi Warrior more than makes up for in defense. The Bagi Warrior has the highest health as well as the highest defense in game.


The Bagi Warrior has the highest defense on their armor, in addition 'to gaining more health and defense per stat point in healing than any other class, They make excellent tanks, in addition' Their ability to knockback Foes (Interrupting That target action) can seriously hamper the damage dealing or other classes, making them great partners to help defend a Weaker class.