Hp, also known as Health points, is a stat for your character's endurance. If your health goes down to 0, you die and will need to wait for the 15 second long respawn time to go down.

How to increase it Edit

In order to increase you Hp, you can either...

  • Each level gives you a few more health points.
  • Level up the heal stat.
  • Wear items such as necklaces and/or rings.
  • Certain skills increase your hp for a short period of time.
  • Put health stones into your sockets in either weapon and/or armor.

Why increase it Edit

Because the higher hp you have, the harder more difficult it is to kill you! Also, your defence stat goes up as you level up the heal stat.

Why increase defence Edit

Because the more def you have, the less hp the enemies can take from you every hit. So as you can see, these are very important stats for every class

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